Business factoring

SouYute Group’s commercial factoring business is operated by a wholly-owned subsidiary called Shenzhen Qianhai Souyin Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. as its operating platform. Developing business factoring around the lifestyle industry. Provide trade financing for upstream and downstream companies in the lifestyle industry. Receivables management and collection, credit risk control and other integrated financial services, specifically include. As a supplier of raw materials in the fashion industry chain, Outsourcing processors, Dealers, franchisees, etc. to provide short-term and timely cash flow services. A t the same time, with the company's fashion industry supply chain management project and Promotion of implementation of fashion industry brand management project, The company will base on the fashion industry supply chain system and fashion industry distribution system. As a supplier of fashion industry in the system, brands, franchisees etc. market entities provide commercial factoring services. Build a solid, shared supply chain benefit community.

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